Pebble Crete

Each different pool surface requires the water to be chemically balanced according to its own set of very specific target values. Balancing the water to the correct levels in pebblecrete pools is extremely important, as it prevents a number of surface issues arising. The most common problems associated with pebblecrete pools include:
• Black Spot Algae which can take the form of either concentrated spotting or as a shadowing over the entire surface.
• Calcification Scale which is a white growth on the pool surface. This growth often appears in ‘clumps’ at the bottom of the pool, and as ‘cotton threads’ down the side walls.
• Pebble Loss characterised by surface pebbles breaking free from the backing concrete.
• Surface Cracking which commonly occurs underneath the surrounding coping pavers.

Please contact our friendly office staff if you require any further information regarding the identification and treatment of these or other problems related to pebblecrete pools.