Painted Concrete

Each different pool surface requires the water to be chemically balanced according to its own set of very specific target values. Balancing the water to the correct levels in painted concrete pools is extremely important, as it prevents a number of surface issues arising. The most common problems associated with painted pools include:
• Resurfacing or repainting of this type of pool is required at 6-8 year intervals.
• Surface Chalking in which the paint breaks down and creates a white powdered film over the surface.
• Surface Fading in which the coloured surface lightens in colour as a result of sun exposure over time. In terms of fading, certain colours last longer than others.
• Surface Peeling in which the paint begins to deteriorate, crack and peel away from the surface.
• Blue Staining in which swimwear and feet experience dying due to the release of surface pigmentation into the water.

Please contact our friendly office staff if you require any further information regarding the identification and treatment of these or other problems related to painted concrete pools.