Above Ground

Each different pool surface requires the water to be chemically balanced according to its own set of very specific target values. Balancing the water to the correct levels in above ground vinyl pools is extremely important, as it prevents a number of surface issues arising. The most common problems associated with above ground vinyl pools include:
• Liner Deterioration in which the vinyl shell breaks down and begins to split. The average life of a vinyl pool liner is approximately 10-12 years.
• Rusting to the coping or pool capping.
• Pool Accessibility can often be a problem for above ground pools, but can be made much easier with the installation of a step ladder.
• Sanitisation in vinyl pools may be either saltwater or chlorine, however, the correct chemical forms must be used to avoid surface deterioration.
• Vacuuming to waste which requires specific equipment provisions such as maintenance valves.
• Pool Cleaners used in vinyl pools must be specifically designed for such. Of the many automatic cleaners available, only select models are appropriate for vinyl surfaces.

Please contact our friendly office staff if you require any further information regarding the identification and treatment of these or other problems related to above ground pools.