Common Questions

Commonly asked questions about your pool problems for the best advice and knowledge come into our shop with a water test and we can direct you through the best method for you pool problem.


1. Why do my hoses come apart when I am manually vacuuming?
2. I have a huge leaf problem what do I do?
3. My blonde hair goes green after swimming?
4. What are the most cost effective times to run my filter?
5. How often should I test my water?
6. How do I test for salt?
7. I have a duck problem what do I do?
8. How do I manually vacuum my pool?
9. What regular maintenance does my equipment need?
10. What are the different choices of pool service?
11. My power keeps tripping what do I do?
12. My pool motor is squealing?
13. My pool motor is humming? ‘
14. I cannot see water going through my pool motor pot lid?
15. My pool motor is not drawing the water up?
16. I have bubbles coming out of my return line?

Automatic cleaners

1. My automatic cleaner is not working?
2. Why does my cleaner stick to my pool surface in one spot?
3. My cleaner gets caught in the corner of my pool?
4. How do I know which automatic cleaner is best for my pool?
5. Are there times when I should remove my automatic cleaner?
6. My cleaner picks up dirt and it comes back through the returns?

Floccing My Pool

1. Can I floc my pool if i do not have a waste valve?
2. What do I need to do prior to floccing my pool?
3. How do I floc my pool?
4. What does floc my pool mean?
5. Why would I need to floc my pool?


1. I lose my chlorine rapidly why?
2. Should I use liquid chlorine or granular chlorine?
3. What is nature 2?
4. I get really strong chlorine fumes from my spa?
5. Why are chlorines different?
6. What is the preferred sanitiser for my spa?
7. Why is salt a preferred sanitiser?
8. I have a salt chlorinator but my chlorine level is always low?


1. I have a fibreglass pool how do I tell if I have osmosis?
2. What is the benefit of a fibreglass pool?
3. What do I do if my pool surface has calcification build up?
4. How do I tell if I have concrete cancer?
5. What causes concrete cancer?


1. What is the preferred filtration?
2. What is the benefit of a sandfilter?
3. In what application is a cartridge filter required?
4. How often should I run my filter?
5. How often should I clean my cartridge filter?
6. How often should I backwash my sandfilter?


1. What are phosphates and how do I treat them?
2. What causes phosphates?
3. I have brown algae which algaecide would I use?
4. How do I tell if I have black spot?
5. How do I tell if my pool has a stain or algae?
6. What is the difference between a stain or algae?

Pool Lights

1. How do I change my pool light globe?
2. How do I tell what my voltage my pool light is?
3. What is the best way to prolong the life of my pool light?
4. Water keeps filling my pool light lens?