About Us

Our History

Robert and Maree founded Kincumber Pools Plus in 1999, with the hope of providing local people with better service, better advice and better prices. Whilst starting the company was one of the most challenging feats for them, they feel that their success lies in both their determination and the efforts of their employees. Robert and Maree also believe that their success is due to the personalised service they offer their valued clients. Such service aims to provide customers with quality outcomes in which they achieve “resort style pools” that they “can’t wait to swim in”.

In October 2013, Maree became the sole owner and operator of Kincumber Pools Plus. Since this time, she has strived to uphold the highest of standards. Maree knows that building or buying a swimming pool is a huge investment, and she had successfully instilled this mentality into the Kincumber Pools Plus staff. As a team, we strive to help you maximise benefit from your pool or spa by holding high standards for its maintenance. This includes recommending superior quality products, at value for money prices.

Our Serivces

Kincumber Pools Plus offer an extensive range of mobile swimming pool services in which experienced servicemen attend properties as required.

These services include purchase reports and equipment explanations for new home owners, as well as permanent cleaning maintenance at intervals designed to suit your personal needs and the demands of your particular pool.

We also offer mechanical repairs and installations for all of your equipment needs, meaning that no job is too small or large. We can relocate equipment, do owner builder set ups, empty and acid wash pools and spas, supply and install pool blankets and rollers, and also do solar heating.


Servicing From The Entrance To Umina

Domestic, Commercial, Strata